Peintures, photos et beaux objets

Isabelle Vandaele - APE 9003A - siret 521 554 642 00020 -lesZartistes® - 4 Rue du Malpas - 24120 TERRASSON-LAVILLEDIEU

The Exhibitions

20 years after Brive, lesZartistes bring the Ephemeral Gallery back to life

From July 3 to 9, 2023 come and discover three artists from the region.
Free admission or by appointment at +33 78 80 91 89

The pop-up gallery is an innovative concept that aims to offer an artistic and immersive experience. Our goal is to push the boundaries of traditional art by creating a space where visitors can interact with works and artists in new and engaging ways.
During this presentation, you will have the opportunity to discover a variety of art installations, sculptures, paintings and much more. Each work is designed to capture your imagination and take you on a unique artistic journey.
We also encourage exchanges and discussions with the artists present. They will be happy to share their creative process, their inspirations and answer your questions. This is an exceptional opportunity to come into direct contact with the creators and to learn more about the fascinating world of contemporary art.