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Peintures, photos et beaux objets

Isa K., painter, works at home in the Périgord Noir. His workshop is located in the classified site of the small medieval town of Terrasson Lavilledieu in the Dordogne.
This preserved and authentic environment allows him to find the inspiration necessary for the creation of his works of art.

His POP ART works, which represent Converse and Vespas in cut aluminum, are emblematic and iconic subjects of the 20th century.
Isa K. particularly likes the "Vintage" models which suggest the "Dolce Vita" and correspond to a certain art of living and thinking.

Recently, after more than 10 years of figurative painting in POP ART style, Isa K. felt the need to find the deep roots of nature with abstract paintings that are inspired by the wonders of nature in the world.

These two themes POP ART and abstract fascinate her and feed each other to infuse her with new creative ideas.

Isa K. is known in the world of contemporary art for her paintings of Converse and Vespa in 2D and 3D and exhibits in the Contemporary Art Salons of many cities in France and Luxembourg.
isa k. is also represented in contemporary art galleries.